Great tips of selecting the best cameras under 500

best camera under 500

How to selecting the best cameras under 500 tips:

Are you looking for the best cameras under 500? I can assure you that your search has come to an end. There are several digital cameras that will cost you less than 500 dollars. However, you need to be extremely careful with the features of the device you are purchasing. I, However, you need to be extremely careful with the features of the device you are purchasing. I know of best cameras under 100 that produce better results than some expensive model. This article focuses on best digital cameras under 500. We will review six articles that fall into this category; address the methodology for product selection, the reasons for buying a project, and the buying guide. The primary reason for this article is to shed light on your purchase decision.

Best cameras under 500 – Buyer Guide

You need to be very careful as you decide to search for the best DSLR under 500. The main things you need to look at are your needs and budget. We have a broad range of cameras that go under 500 but not all of them meet the same needs. For example, a camera that you wish to use at home should not be very portable. Look at the weight, zooming ability and range, battery life, and ability to capture moving images. You need to search for the best professional camera under 500 that maximizes your utility. There is no need to spend your cash on something that does not work well in your environment.

Our editor selected 6 best cameras under 500 dollars – Product reviews

best cameras under 500

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Camera

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Canon EOS Rebel T5

This digital camera is the best camera under 500. The camera has 18 megapixel CMOS sensor with a DIGIC four image processor. This feature enables the photographer to easily record high-resolution photos and HD videos. You can expand the possibilities of taking your photos by using it’s standard zoom lens of EF-S 18-55 mm IS 11. The model has an amazing 3’’ LCD TFT color and a liquid crystal monitor for easy sharing and viewing of your images. The LCD screen allows you to view your recording and review the same.

The Canon EOS Rebel T5 SLR camera has a perfect standard zoom lens for first-time SLR users, budding photo enthusiasts, and families. The device captures very dazzling photos and movies. The camera has an expanded ISO range that makes it a perfect fit in low light conditions. It works hand in hand with its dual layer metering system with a 63-zone.

Canon EOS Rebel T5 camera sample image

Canon EOS Rebel T5 camera sample image

The full HD movie mode of the Canon EOS 1080p enables you to capture incredible results. Some of the main features of this camera include a built-in flash, creative filters, and scene intelligent auto mode, continuous shooting up to 3fps, and feature guide. The camera has a scene intelligent shooting mode to drive away any guess work out of your operations.

Some of the features that make this model be the best DSLR under 500 include a proven canon design, light-weight construction, rugged, and feature among others. The camera fastens and eases the process of photography more than ever before. It has GPS information that can assist you to tell when and where the photography was done.

best camera under 500

Fujifilm X30 Camera

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Fujifilm X30

The Fujifilm X30 is a stylish, premium compact digital camera that has unraveled image quality, enhanced battery performance, superb design, class-leading functionality, and a premium compact design. The camera enables remote WIFI shootings from any smartphone, and a wide range of manual function make the X30 shooting experience a true pleasure. The X30 model is the Fujifilm third generation digital camera that replaced the X20 series.

This camera is a great improvement over the older versions. It comes with a newly-developed real time viewfinder among other amazing features that enhance its performance. This viewfinder is the fastest, largest, and has the highest resolution within its class. Other features include a modern Chrome film simulation mode, EXR Processor 11 engine for processing images, a large two-thirds inch CMOS 11 X-Trans TM sensor with very low optimal pass filter 12 megapixels. Other features include a new control ring together with extra function buttons and dials for higher control.

best dslr under 500

Fujifilm X30 camera sample image

The camera also has a 920 K-dot and 3-inch premium clear LCD camera. It also has an improved battery performance with an ability to shoot up to 470 images on a single charge. This battery capacity is approximately two times higher than the previous models because of the new energy design. The X30 comes in two color options which include black and silver.

best digital camera under 500

Sony HX400 V/B camera

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Sony HX400V/B

This model is the best digital camera under 500 that has a clear image zoom ZEISS lens. It is a perfect fit for shooting all your adventures and sporting events because it has 20.4 MP pics, silky smooth full HD razor-sharp and video, and a 50x optical zooming ability. The Sony HX400V/B 20.4 MP captures the shot mood very well without any harshness of a flash. The 20.4 MP

best camera under 500

Sony HX400V/B camera sample image

The camera works very well in low light environments such as the campfire and candlelight. You can use the lock-On AF of the camera to keep your subject in focus. The device also connects easily to your smartphone through the Wi-Fi w/NFC3. You can also match your images with GPS-tagged photographs. The gadget produced 4k high-quality still photo output

The battery has an average life and can take up to 300 photos on a single charge. It has an optical steady shot that can shoot on the move and minimizes the blur. The camera has an inbuilt picture effect that you can use to add dramatic effects to your images. The Sony HX400V/B 20.4 has an easy mode menu if you want to simplify its functions. It works very well even in low light environments. Like any other Sony Camera, I count it among the best DSLR under 500.

best DSLR under 500

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Camera

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Canon EOS Rebel SL1

This is another good example of best camera under 500. The model falls among the lightest and smallest Digital SLR globally. Though this camera model is small in size, it produces incredible results. The new Canon design has 18.0 megapixel CMOS sensor and a high-speed image processor of DIGIC 5.

The gadget is ideal for individuals who are stepping up from compact camera or Smartphone as it delivers extraordinary images. The Canon EOS has an amazing ISO range of 100-12800 but you can expand it to H: 25600 for skills. When it comes to video plus, it has 100-6400 but you can expand it to 12800 up to 4.0 fps continuous shooting which makes this camera the best to go for any photo opportunity. It makes it the best fit even when capturing fast-moving subjects or in dim lighting.

best digital camera under 500

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Camera sample image

A hybrid CMOS FF 11 will deliver accurate AF tracking when taking live view shooting. This ensures that your movies and photos are crisp and clear. This camera makes amazing movies given its EOS full HD movie mode that has a movie servo AF. Most people like working with Canon STM lenses during concerts for quite continuous and smooth recordings.

The camera has a wide three-inch screen touch screen in addition to its optical viewfinder. This makes it perfect for viewing several creative filters and special scene modes that are available for real-time display.

best cameras under 500

Sony Alpha a5000 Camera

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Sony Alpha a5000

This is another Sony product that we categorize as best cameras under 500. You can use its 20.1 MP to capture the amazing detail of your subjects. This is a very simple camera that any person can use. It has a friendly zoom self-portrait and 180-degree tilting screen that allows you to view the shots as you take them. The Sony alpha a5000 simplifies the process of high-quality photography.

best DSLR under 500

Sony Alpha a5000 camera sample image

It has the wireless one-touch NFC connectivity feature that allows you to share your moments with friends. You can upload your images directly from your camera to the Facebook account. This model is a highly versatile mirrorless camera that works well for both professionals and casual photo enthusiasts. The actual performance of this gadget varies depending on uses, environmental conditions, and settings.

Like any other camera, the capacity of the battery keeps on decreasing over time and use. You can easily notice the difference between the images of this camera and other models. The main thing that consumers say is not great is the LCD screen. The model gives you nearly the same quality and features of a5000.

best cameras under 500

Sony DSC-RX 100/B camera

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Sony DSC-RX 100/B

This is another sensor digital camera that has a zooming of 3.6 x. The model has a truly compact package of creative freedom and exclusive image quality. You can use this camera for pro-quality defocused backgrounds and razor-sharp images. The Sony DSC-RX 100 features a 1.8 lenses or ultra-bright Zeiss large one-inch sensor. It also has an amazing control ring for the easy aperture setting access and enhanced total creative freedom. You will always receive a one-year limited warranty upon the purchase of a new camera. You can categorize this camera under the best digital camera under 500. Other things that come in the box include a shoulder strap adapter, AC adapter AC-UD11, wrist strap, battery NP-BX1, instruction manual, and a micro USB cable.

Best camera under 500

Sony DSC-RX 100/B Camera Sample image

The model has a complete creative control given the on-screen shots. You can save your images as high-quality RAW files or compact JPEG files or both at the same time. When shooting in the RAW format, the images automatically get saved before applying sharpness, white balance, maximum latitude and color enhancement as you enhance the pictures on the PC. You can create extra smooth and amazingly clear movies using the Full HD 1080/60p in a progressive version.

Methodology for Selection of Best Camera under 500

There is a clear procedure that any user should use before buying the best camera under 100, best camera under 200, or best cameras under 500. The first step is to list down your requirements. This process will assist you to identify the features that you are looking for in a camera. Once you do this, you should carry out a comprehensive research to find out the model that delivers most of these features. You can carry the research online or talk to friends who have used these models.

You can use this information to come up with a list of the best options. Once you narrow down to a few models, you should visit the nearest stores to test some of those cameras. The features may not be the exact thing that happens in real life. For example, the zoom may tell you the length of focus but not how wide it covers. Once you test all these models, you can go ahead and commit yourself to buying one.

Why Buy the Best Camera under 500

The most important thing that can make you purchase a product is the extent to which to meets your needs. You need to identify a camera that will provide excellent solutions to your photography needs. I have come across individuals who buy a product because of the price and not functionality. You can purchase a cheap camera that will be useless in the long run. In addition, you can also purchase a camera that is very expensive yet it lacks some important functionality for your photography needs. It is better to spend some extra cash but buys something that will fulfill your demands. Price is important but is should not be the main factor that guided your purchase decision.


This factor describes the light sensitivity of the sensor of your camera that is set against a common standard. Digital cameras allow you to adjust the ISO up and down. Higher ISO deliver brighter images by digitally amplifying the information you collect during exposure.

Sharpness of the Lens

Your pictures look best when your camera has a sharp piece of glass for filtering light through. Lens performance varies with both zoom level and aperture. Sharp photos retain a clear distinction between colors and edges up to a pixel level.


There is very little relationship between the actual shutter opening and instruction to open. The actual large comes from metering systems and automated focusing. You should be very comfortable with the focusing speed of your camera.

Mega Pixels

A megapixel has up to one million pixels. They describe how big you can enlarge your image without having to enlarge it digitally. They only measure the number of data points the camera records and has nothing to do with the quality of the images. Shooting for billboards will require more megapixels.

LCD/View Finder

In case your camera does not have a viewfinder, you should make sure that it has a good LCD. You use this feature to review and frame photos. Most people prefer to use electronic viewfinders.


Zooming simply means how close you need to get close to the image before shooting. Make sure you are comfortable with the zoom before you purchase your camera.

We have several cameras that you get buy under 500. This article provides a guideline on what you need to look for before purchasing such a device. We review six articles before looking at the methodology and buying the guide. I believe you now have all it takes to buy the best cameras under 500.

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