Nikon D3200 Review

Nikon D3200 Review:

The Nikon D3200 is a decent entry-level DSLR that replaced the older D3100 model. With a compact, stylish and lighter body, the camera is perfectly targeted at the amateur photographers who are looking for a budget friendly, yet high-quality DSLR to satisfy their quench of excelling towards a professional level.
Undoubtedly, the shots are excellent, but it’s interesting to know that the image resolution quality obtained by the camera’s powerful 24-megapixel sensor is even higher than the lens itself! What more do you need? With 1080 p high definition video recording and a lightning fast image capture, there is no stone left unturned in performance and quality for this entry-level camera.

Nikon D3200 Review

Nikon D3200 Camera

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Lens Compatibility and Recommendations

The camera does not have an inbuilt auto-focus motor and would work best with AF-S lenses. Compatible lens kits include NIKKOR zoom w/18-55 mm & w/55-200 mm with or without vibration reduction (VR). The lenses are interchangeable as and when required.

Best Nikon Camera

Nikon D3200 Camera Sample photo

Here are some lens recommendations to let you select the most suitable lens for your DSLR:
Sports photography/filming and theater: w/55-200 mm
Wide-angle photography: w/10-24 mm DX



* Take any compatible lens, it won’t beat the camera’s very own 24 megapixels resolution!

*The launch of Nikon D3200 was delayed till the month of April 2012 as a result of the devastating earthquake that rattled Japan in March 2011.

* The Nikon D3200 is one of the smallest entry-level DSLR’s and has the highest image resolution. (among the similar previous models)

best Nikon camera - best Nikon D3200 Camera

best Nikon camera

Nikon D3200 Key Features

Fantastic photos and videos with a powerful sensor and processor

The DX-format CMOS Sensor does its job really well to please you! At 24.2 megapixels, it’s quite clear that the photos would be highly detailed and impressive, but the fact that it is an entry-level DSLR, it’s totally worth it. Before moving on to the video recording feature, there are two things to note. The good side of this camera sensor is that the resolution obtained is very well suited for printing large posters or photos without distortion. The bad side is that the files are often large sized and tend to gobble up quite a lot of storage. This camera would certainly impress the landscape & architectural photography lovers. An ISO range of 100-6400 is good enough to give clean and clear shots in dim light or at night.

Image processing and high-resolution pixel result is powered by the EXPEED 3 Image Processor. Get your processed files very quickly and efficiently!

Nikon D3200 Camera Sample photo

Nikon D3200 Camera Sample photo

Buy Nikon D3200 at Amazon

Coming on the video function, it is almost similar to that of its predecessor D3100 model with slight improvements. High-definition 1080 p @ 30 frames per second video recording along with inbuilt microphone add up to the plus points. Thanks to the powerful sensor by Nikon.

Automatic ISO with Distortion Reduction

The camera has the capability to auto adjust the ISO while you shoot by giving it the perfect light exposure. When it gets darker, the auto ISO springs into action and reduces the shutter speed for maximum light entry and eventually gives out premium quality photos.This function depends on your zoom and auto-focus settings. Get rid of unwanted optical defects like blurs and image distortion with the sophisticated auto distortion reduction system. It clears off the minute defects and fine tunes the image to get you a perfect result.

Exteriors and Display

The camera exteriors are made up of plastic with a metal mount (for lens). On an overall, it has a sturdy and durable exterior with a metallic touch. The 9 inches bright LCD display is impressively large for this type of SLR. Coming to the clarity, the display has a great color blend and a high quality 921000 pixels resolution.

Nikon D3200 Specifications

Camera Type: Digital Single Reflex Lens Camera (DSLR)
Size and Weight: Camera dimensions are 5.0 * 3.8 * 3.1 inches and weight is 16 oz (only camera body)
Lenses: Interchangeable zoom lenses (sold separately)
Exterior body: Plastic with metallic mount rim (Nikon EF/FX mounts)
Display: LCD Screen (3.0 inches) with 921000 pixels resolution and 160 degrees wide angle view
Viewfinder: Optical pentamirror with a 0.8X magnification and 95% coverage
Flash: Inbuilt pop up flash (hot shoe with wireless sync)
Shooting speed (continuous): 4 frames per second (fps)
Video: High definition recording at max 1080 p with inbuilt mic (MOV file format)
Live View Shoot: Yes
Digital Zoom: Maximum 2X zoom
ISO Range: 100 to 6400
Sensor and Image Processor: 24 MP CMOS Sensor with EXPEED-3 Image Processor
Focus modes: Autofocus/manual
Self-Cleaning System: Yes. (dust reduction technology)
Auto-focus points: 11 AF points
Connectivity: WiFi compatible (optional) with global positioning system (GPS) and HDMi support
Shutter Speeds (auto adjustable):
                                                               Minimum: 30 seconds
                                                               Maximum: 1/4000 of a second
Storage: External available
Remote support: Two infra red remote controls
Battery: EN-EL 14 Lithium Ion Rechargeable with average life of 540 shots

Nikon D3200 Pros:

♣ Highly compact and well designed
♣ Excellent quality pictures and videos
♣ Good wireless connectivity for seamless file transfers
♣ Special guide mode for amateurs
♣ Prevents optical defects and blurs
♣ Large high-resolution display
♣ Great ISO Range

Nikon D3200 Cons:

♣ No inbuilt auto-focus motor
♣ Small sized viewfinder
♣ Non-flexible display screen
♣ No weather resistance

The users felt that this Nikon D3200 camera is a perfect choice for beginners who wish to take up professional photography. This entry-level DSLR performs quite well for the price paid, with great features and performance. Another thing that won many hearts is the huge 3 inch LCD display with high resolution. Compact design and lighter weight makes it portable while traveling.

So, if you are a beginner and looking for a decent DSLR, then Nikon D3200 is the one you might want to be looking for.

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Dyordy - July 1, 2016

Nikon D3200 is perfect for a beginner photographer. But this does not mean that the camera will disappoint more experienced photographer it is taking good pictures, even the resolution of the matrix, in my view, is law. There are many modes already set, which would be enough for amateurs, if you do not understand the settings, just take the camera and work. For amateurs enough to use standart lense. Multifunctional video although only 20 minutes. There is a very high shooting mode, these pictures can even be used on wallpapers, and will not be visible pixels. Good for the money, I advise you, as a budget and best сhoise. But generally i’m satisfied


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