Sony A77 II Review

Sony A77 II Review :

Are you an avid photography fan?Then you need to follow our Editor Sony A77 II review.Its help you to Pick the Best camera for photography. Then you certainly have a number of reasons to have a closer look at the Sony A77 II. Those who have some decent knowledge of cameras would certainly admire the features that it comes packed with.This particular brand is an improvement to Alpha 77 Camera which was launched in the year 2011.There are many reviews which have placed it at a higher pedestal when compared to similar models of Canon and Nikon. So, where does the truth actually lie? To answer this question we will have a look at some salient features which could perhaps make this model much more than a talking point. It might make many customers to make a beeline for it and make a part of their prized possessions.

Sony A77 II review

Sony A77 II DSLR Camera

There are many customers who have done enough research on A-mount camera and they might perhaps have concluded that the days of Sony A-Mount cameras are over. However, the A77II has proved all such pundits wrong. Sony seemingly has learnt a number of lessons from the previous version Sony Alpha 77 review. The new version which we are discussing now comes with a brand new APS-C Sensor with 24.3 MP. It also has built-in wi-fi and 12 fps burst shooting and last but not the least 79 AF points which are indeed great news for camera enthusiasts. On paper it certainly holds out lot of promise and let us find out whether it actually walks the talk.

Sony A77 II DSLR Camera Review

Sony A77 II Camera

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How Sony A77 II Captures

For those who wish to be outdoors and capture anything that moves are reasonably good pace, then this could be the camera they should closely look at. It features the much talked about Bionz X processors which works towards this objective. It allows the user to take pictures of 12 fps which is impressive to say the least. It also allows the user the liberty to scale up to 64 fine JPEGs and only then the buffer gets filled up. This allows the users to capture those fleeting moments perfectly well. Additionally it also has a capability to take care of 25 JPEG raw images and that too consecutively. This new feature compares very well with the previous version which offered only a buffer size of 18 fine JPEGs and only 12 raw JPEGs. Added to this is the improved processor functioning. This leads to sharper JPEGs and the levels of noise and distraction reductions have to be seen to be believed. All these are great takeaways for those connoisseurs of quality cameras.

Sony A77 II review

Sony A77 II Digital slr Camera

Pros of Sony A77

The wi-fi connectivity is another great feature which the previous model does not have. Using this feature it is now possible to attach the camera to a Smartphone or iOS device. This can be done using the easily downloadable Sony PlayMemories App.

Sony A77 II DSLR Camera review

Sony A77 II

The wi-fi connectivity allows users to experience sequence shooting, time lapse and image coloring.

Cons of Sony A77

The wi-fi connectivity feature doesn’t work as it should be.

The GPS tagging which was there in the earlier version has been removed. This shortcoming can be perhaps overcome using the android smartphones and other such devices.

There are a number of other features too which make the Sony A77 II an interesting camera from Sony. There are many customers who believe that it has offered them good value for money. If you want to gift something special to the photographer inside you, then go ahead gift it. In fact, if you are thinking about gifting something special to your wife or any friend then go ahead and gift this gadget. They will certainly love this, without any doubt.

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